Will You Pledge to Pray and Vote Wisely?

Will You Pledge to Pray and Vote Wisely?

The upcoming midterm election is critical. Can you imagine the continued negative impact liberals will have on America if they keep control of both chambers of Congress? As people of faith, we can have a tremendous impact on the future of our nation if we pray and vote wisely.

If you agree, join me today in taking the "Pledge to Vote."

 - Pledge to vote wisely in the upcoming election.

 - Pledge to let others know about the "Pledge to Vote"

 - Pledge to pray for America.

If our nation will turn away from its downward spiral into secularism and once again seek the true God, it will begin with Christians in the hand of a sovereign God.

A God-blessed America depends on Christians praying for and seeking revival in their own lives and in the lives of fellow citizens. I am convinced that the survival of America as a beacon of light to the world rests on evangelizing citizens with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and electing leaders who will defend the biblical principles America's constitutional republic was founded upon.

We must come to grips with the reality that voting is just a dream for millions of people in other parts of the world. Still, many Americans with the right to vote are not acting on that right. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, less than half of the voting-age population actually votes in any given election.

Only about 50% of Christians in America are registered to vote. Of those, only 50% show up at the polls, meaning 75% of all Christians are not taking advantage of one of their greatest privileges. If you are not registered to vote or have changed your name or address recently, register or update your registration here.

Please take a moment and sign the "Pledge to Vote" today!

If an additional 1-2% of registered voters were to "Pledge to Vote" in the midterm elections, we could make an enormous difference. We ask that you "Pledge to Vote" your values, beliefs, and convictions.

As part of signing the pledge, our sister ministry, AFA Action also offers a free Voter Guide for the 2022 election. This voter guide is the most comprehensive voter guide available anywhere.

Sign the pledge to pray and vote wisely in November!

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