Urge Phexxi to Cancel Its "Welcome to My …" Birth Control Ad!

Urge Phexxi to Cancel Its "Welcome to My …" Birth Control Ad!

Phexxi, an on-demand, hormone-free method of birth control, should be ashamed of its latest commercial, which features Schitt’s Creek actress Annie Murphy discussing her vagina and the “house rules” for her vagina.

It is primarily the setting of the ad that has parents and conservative viewers outraged. Murphy is supposedly inside an imaginary vagina. The ad begins with the camera entering a pink, oval-shaped, dimly-lit tunnel that leads to a pink, plush room with fabric-covered walls that is supposed to be a woman’s vagina. Murphy walks around her pink room and bed explaining why she chooses Phexxi.

“Welcome to my vagina,” she says while sitting on a pink velvet sofa wearing a robe. She then follows with, “In here, I make the rules. Rule Number 1: Keep it real hon[ey], and that means no hormones. … And since my Number 2 rule is no parties without protection, I use Phexxi, a revolutionary, hormone-free birth control gel. It’s localized. … Phexxi is also used in the moment, so I only have to use it when I’m planning on having company.” The ad concludes with Murphy changing, behind a screen, into a metallic party jumpsuit. The doorbell buzzes, and, with a flirtatious wink, she replies, “Coming!” She then rides a scooter back through the oval-shaped tunnel toward a bright light.

This particular type of sexual perversion during a commercial is entirely too graphic for television. The details are over the top.

This ad would be inappropriate for television no matter what network it aired on. There is an even greater concern that the commercial is airing when some children could possibly still be awake watching TV. To make matters worse, this advertisement has aired at 9:00 pm and a little later on Nickelodeon.

Phexxi has crossed a line that it should have never crossed.


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