Urge Amazon to Cancel Its Inappropriate Commercial

Urge Amazon to Cancel Its Inappropriate Commercial

Amazon offends conservative parents in one of its newest back-to-school commercials. The company attempts to encourage parents to spend less on their kids, but it takes an unnecessary and inappropriate turn. At the beginning of the commercial, an actor walks in front of a school surrounded by children and says, “As parents, we pay out the (school bell rings) for school.” The ringing bell covers insinuated profanity, but viewers can read his lips and understand exactly what was said.

This type of advertising is entirely unnecessary, especially dealing with marketing for children and back-to-school.

Everyone knows children repeat what they hear.

Amazon has deliberately decided to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. One Million Moms finds this highly inappropriate.

What’s worse, Amazon’s advertisements air during primetime when families are most likely to be watching. How damaging and destructive to children! Amazon should be more responsible in its marketing decisions.

Let them know that as a parent and a consumer, you are disgusted by their recent marketing choices.

Amazon needs to know parents disapprove!


If you agree this marketing campaign is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Amazon to cancel this commercial immediately.

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