Teen Vogue is Giving Mutilation Advice to Teens

Teen Vogue is Giving Mutilation Advice to Teens

Teen Vogue magazine and its website have always been liberal, extremely graphic, and deceptive with their articles regarding mature content. Due to this, 1MM wants to give moms a heads-up and let them know that teenvogue.com is one website they will want to block on their family’s home computers and mobile devices.

The most recent shocking content regards normalizing gender reassignment and body-altering surgeries. It is untrue, unsafe, and dangerous.

In a Teen Vogue interview, actress Liv Hewson attempted to justify having top surgery. Since she identifies as nonbinary, she removed her breasts to appear androgynous. 

Attempting to normalize this procedure or any life-changing decision to young readers, especially at such vulnerable age, is child abuse. No matter how the magazine portrays this surgery, it is not acceptable. It is never normal to amputate healthy body parts to become gender-neutral.

Teen Vogue also published Liv Hewson’s surgery scar and bare nipple in a photoshoot.

In this article, Teen Vogue encourages teens to make decisions that cause heartache, regret, grief, anguish, and depression.


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