Target Continues to Cross the Line

Target Continues to Cross the Line

Target Corporation has new LGBTQ Christmas products that are not only offensive but completely unnecessary. Target has gay Santas and pride Nutcrackers on their shelves this Christmas season.

Target has made a deliberate decision to display controversial products instead of wholesome ones at Christmas – a Christian holiday. This is a terrible plan on Target’s part, especially at this time of year, the season that should be the most profitable time of year for companies.

Let Target know that as a conservative parent and consumer, you are disgusted by their recent merchandising choices. The corporation’s leaders have failed to get the message that when you go woke, you go broke. And yes, 1MM will continue to remind them every time that they choose “progressive” business decisions.


Please sign our petition urging Target to immediately stop choosing progressive merchandise and cancel this pro-LGBTQ selection of offensive Christmas products. Also, let Target know that continuing to push LGBTQ products and other offensive merchandise in the future will force your family to make the decision to no longer purchase any items from Target unless they remain neutral in the culture war.

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