Sonic's Disturbing New Ad With Profanity

Sonic's Disturbing New Ad With Profanity

Sonic Drive-In has launched a tasteless marketing campaign that includes profanity. The inappropriate song playing in this commercial is “Milkshake” by artist Kelis, and it has no place in a fast-food commercial. This song’s lyrics are offensive and contain the expletive d*mn. The vulgar lyrics in the commercial include the opening chorus:


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,

And they’re like,

It’s better than yours,

D*mn right,

It’s better than yours,

I can teach you,

But I have to charge.


Sonic Drive-In should keep their commercials family-friendly. Everyone knows children repeat what they hear.

Sonic has deliberately decided to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. One Million Moms finds this highly inappropriate.

What’s worse, Sonic’s advertisements air during primetime when families are most likely to be watching. How damaging and destructive to children! Sonic should be more responsible in its marketing decisions.

Let them know that, as a parent and a consumer, you are disgusted by their recent marketing choices.

Sonic needs to know parents disapprove!


Please sign our petition urging Sonic to stop its inappropriate marketing campaigns and immediately cancel this “Milkshake” commercial with its profanity.

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