Secret Whole Body Commercial Stinks!

Secret Whole Body Commercial Stinks!

Secret Whole Body Deodorant needs to be called out for its latest commercial. The ad discusses repeatedly in detail that their product is safe to use everywhere on your body.

The ad begins with, “Wanna know a secret? More than just my armpits stink.” The commercial continues with, “That’s why I use Secret Whole Body Deodorant, everywhere.” This should have been sufficient information to let customers know where the deodorant can be applied. Plus, the ad even repeats, “Everywhere!” to emphasize where the product can be used. Not to mention, the name of the product, Whole Body Deodorant, is so very self-explanatory.

1MM has received many complaints about this crude commercial since the ad does not stop there. This commercial continues to describe that it gives “72-hour odor protection from your pits to your bits,” while showing a diagram pointing to all of the body parts on which this product can be used. Since “bits’ is slang for male or female genitalia, the cry of a bird (instead of a bleep) is inserted over the slang term as a lame attempt to cover up the sexual crudeness of the commercial.

Then, the final scene shows one woman ask another woman, who is applying the deodorant to her own upper inner thigh, “So you can use it on your …?” The first woman smiles and points at the other lady’s privates, but then the ad quickly switches to a different woman spraying the deodorant inside the front of her shorts for extra emphasis on one specific body part. Since the entire ad focuses mainly on one area of the body, viewers definitely get the message that the deodorant can be applied below the waist.

This commercial is entirely too specific and graphic. The details are not necessary when simply mentioning “everywhere” or even “privates” would have sufficed. Plus, consumers see direct and explicit terminology printed on the product label as well.

Yet Secret chose to air this commercial, knowing it would be controversial. But there is an even greater concern that the advertisement is airing when children could be watching TV. We all know children repeat what they hear.

Secret crossed a line that should have never been crossed since it was not necessary.


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