PD Commercial Airing When Children Are Likely Watching TV

PD Commercial Airing When Children Are Likely Watching TV

The newest XIAFLEX commercial is inappropriate for obvious reasons, including airing when children are likely watching television.

XIAFLEX is a prescription medicine used to treat adult men with a bend in an erection caused by scar tissue. As such, many families find this extremely graphic commercial offensive and embarrassing because the ad openly discusses Peyronie’s disease, penile bend, penile fracture, and sexual activity instead of using PD, the common abbreviation for Peyronie’s disease.

The advertisement also mentions this medication is for males who might feel bothered if their “manhood” bends in a different direction. To illustrate this reference via this commercial, XIAFLEX uses an extremely bent carrot, promising this medicine will gradually help reduce an unwanted penile bend. The commercial concludes by suggesting men talk to a urologist about what their manhood could look like or go online to their website.

This commercial seems to be airing earlier and earlier in the day and during ballgames when children are likely watching television. Imagine what goes through the mind of a child viewing this ad! Parents should not have to discuss PD while sitting at home enjoying family time. Accordingly, XIAFLEX must acknowledge that it is unacceptable to air mature commercials when children are likely watching. If XIAFLEX finds it necessary to air these ads, they should be cleaned up and made more discrete or moved to later in the evening.


Sign our petition to XIAFLEX and insist they pull their current PD commercial immediately, or at least move any future airings to much later in the evening.

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