Parental Warning: Ms. Rachel Teaching Preschoolers About Pride Month and Transgenderism

Parental Warning: Ms. Rachel Teaching Preschoolers About Pride Month and Transgenderism

One Million Moms is diligent in warning our supporters of inappropriate content our children and grandchildren could be exposed to in today’s media. Recently, popular YouTuber Ms. Rachel, a former preschool teacher with over ten million subscribers to her channel, openly supported Pride Month online.

I personally no longer have young children and had not heard of her until last week when Ms. Rachel supported Pride Month by teaching preschool-age children about this event and other aspects of the LGBTQ lifestyle.

“Happy Pride to all of our wonderful families and friends,” said Rachel Griffin Accurso, also known as Ms. Rachel, in an online message on June 1. “This month and every month, I celebrate you. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are.”

Expecting backlash from conservatives, Ms. Rachel went ahead and doubled down in this video, standing her ground to support the LGBTQ agenda. She noted the potential loss of anti-LGBTQ viewers due to her Happy Pride Month video and wished those viewers well as they departed. She then claimed that her Pride stance was “not chasing fame or views” but rather “standing strong in love.”

In earlier videos, Ms. Rachel also taught children about transgenderism in one of her signature “Songs for Littles,” with Jules Hoffman, her musical co-star and nonbinary sidekick. (Hoffman performed June 2 at The Queer Fam Pride Jam, a Chicago Pride event.)

Responding to the controversial use of they/them pronouns in one song, Hoffman furtively defended Ms. Rachel’s teaching agenda on a personal TikTok video with a puppet named Poppy. In later interviews, Hoffman claimed the video was intended to let young viewers know: “You’re gonna be loved and accepted, no matter what.”

After this pronoun backlash in early March, Ms. Rachel took a break from her preschool online teaching until her video message on the first day of June. Two days later, she posted another video, justifying her support of Pride Month by using God’s commandment to “love your neighbor.”

We have all heard similar arguments that claim we can love the person and not sin. But Ms. Rachel says she is a Christian and her faith is really important to her, and yet, by promoting sin, she is accepting it and teaching children to do the same – even though it is clearly against God’s teachings in the Bible.

One Million Moms must remain diligent as we continue to stand up for biblical truth, including passages such as Romans 1:26-27, which prohibits sexual perversion of this type. Scripture repeatedly states that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful behavior.

I figured if I was not aware of who Ms. Rachel is, then other parents and grandparents may not be familiar with her either, or those fans that might not know about her misguided teachings until it is too late – after our children are exposed to her false teachings.

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Please share this warning with your friends and family, especially those who have young children or grandchildren. The most loving thing we can do is share the truth, so please pass on this important information.

Also, let us pray for Ms. Rachel to hear the truth and believe it – in accordance with 1 Corinthians 13, where we read that love, among other things, rejoices with the truth.

Yes, God is love, but He is also truth. God tells us in the Bible that we are made male and female, and a holy marriage is between one man and one woman. God gives us these boundaries because He knows what is best for us. He created us, and He loves us so much that He wants what is best for us.