Obscene Planet Fitness Ads

Obscene Planet Fitness Ads

One Million Moms is disgusted by the new Planet Fitness ads. The national fitness company has several vulgar commercials currently airing, such as “Look at my wieners now” and a couple of other “Low E” ads.

Here are a few examples of the lewd commercials Planet Fitness finds appropriate to represent their company via television:

- While referring to poorly prepped pigs in a blanket, a woman states, “Wrap these little wienies? Not with my Low E.” While showing perfectly cooked pigs in a blanket, the commercial concludes with, “Look at my wieners now.”

- A couple is sitting on their bed when the man casually remarks, “Low E has hurt my ability to perform. [I] haven’t been able to make the bed in years.” As the ad concludes, the man states, “Low E, not for me.”

- As a man holds up a party balloon, he declares, “With my Low E, I can’t even blow this guy.”

Planet Fitness thinks it is clever to use a vulgar play on words in each of these ads. But in reality, it is irresponsible because everyone knows children repeat what they hear.

Obviously, Planet Fitness has crossed a line that many viewers find to be repulsive. The repetitious wordplay in these commercials is not only indecent but also in poor taste.


Please sign our petition urging Planet Fitness to stop its inappropriate marketing campaigns immediately. Also, let Planet Fitness know that continuing to air these offensive commercials with sexually suggestive double entendres will force you and your family to avoid their fitness centers. And please share this with your friends and family.

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