Let’s Thank Scottie Scheffler In Glorifying God For His Win!

Let’s Thank Scottie Scheffler In Glorifying God For His Win!

One Million Moms wants to take this opportunity to thank Scottie Scheffler for his boldness in giving God all the glory for his recent victory at the 88th Masters Tournament at Augusta National on Sunday, April 14, 2024. This is Scheffler’s second time to earn this title, and he also praised God in 2022 after his first win.

One Million Moms is so proud of Scheffler for expressing his faith publicly to the media. 1MM does not only want to point out the darkness in this world but also to light a candle.

Scheffler is a courageous athlete who deserves a salute, even though he does not expect one for simply telling the media about his belief in Jesus.

“My victory was secure on the cross,” said Scheffler, “and that’s a pretty special feeling – to know that I’m secure for forever, and it doesn’t matter if I win this tournament or lose this tournament. My identity is secure forever.”

He later added, “I believe that today’s plans were already laid out many years ago, and I could do nothing to mess up those plans. I have been given a gift of this talent, and I use it for God’s glory. That’s pretty much it. So, when I’m out there, I try to compete to the best of my abilities … I feel like that’s how I was designed … At the end of the day, my identity’s secure already.”

Click on this link to watch a video of Scheffler expressing his faith in God at the 7:45 minute mark.

1MM is thankful Scheffler is not ashamed or afraid to talk about his faith, and that this soon-to-be father puts family before his career.

Scheffler, whose wife of four years, Meredith, is expecting their first child, said that while he’s going to soak in the victory and does not plan on taking his eye off the ball anytime soon, his family remains his main priority, with golf probably fourth down the line.

Again, Scheffler stated, “Because, like I said, winning this golf tournament does not change my identity. My identity is secure, and I cannot emphasize that enough.”



Let us thank Scottie Scheffler for glorifying God for his win at the 2024 Masters! Please sign the petition provided here on our website as a “Thank You” to Scottie and a way to encourage and support him! Don’t forget to forward this information by email or social media to your family and friends today.

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