Inappropriate Vrbo Ads on Hallmark Channel

Inappropriate Vrbo Ads on Hallmark Channel

Currently, Vrbo is marketing its online vacation rental services through a couple of LGBTQ-inclusive commercials. One ad includes two women with a bedroom door closing as they begin to kiss. The other features a lesbian couple spending time together and then kissing as the commercial ends.

Two females kissing is not family time. Yet, both commercials are airing on various channels that families often watch, including Hallmark Channel. Paired with slogans like “Vrbo: A Place Together” and “Vrbo: Just You and Your People,” these commercials target families with the liberal LGBTQ agenda during prime viewing hours.

In the past, Hallmark Channel was known for movies and commercials that were safe for family viewing. That is not the case anymore. As early as 2019, 1MM supporters voiced disapproval of Hallmark’s politically correct agenda when it began to air LGBTQ commercials, and again later in 2020, when the network added LGBTQ characters to movies.

Shame on Hallmark for continuing to air movies and commercials with LGBTQ content and characters. This issue of same-sex relationships should be left for families to discuss according to their faith and personal beliefs, not during family movie time.

While 1MM will continue to boycott Hallmark Channel and urge a return to its previously family-friendly content, parents also need to know they could encounter the LGBTQ agenda in Vrbo commercials on Hallmark Channel and other channels.

Therefore, 1MM must also let Vrbo know we will not support its company for our travel needs as long as it airs commercials featuring lesbian couples or pushing the LBGTQ agenda.


If you agree that these Vrbo ads are inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Vrbo to either pull their LGBTQ-inclusive ads or, at the very least, edit the lesbian couples out of both commercials immediately.

Thank you for signing, and please share with your friends and family today!


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