Inappropriate Snickers Ad

Inappropriate Snickers Ad

One Million Moms is disgusted by a television ad for Snickers. The candy company’s vulgar commercial is currently airing and features two couples and the topic of swinging and wife swapping.

During a game night, two couples are playing a board game in this commercial, and after one game wraps up, one female asks the others, “Hey, guys, do you want to do a little swap?”

The other female laughs and says, “I mean, yeah, I could be into it.” Then she looks and smiles at the other male, who is not her companion, and asks, “Would I, like, move in with Tyler, or is it just more of a one-time, casual thing?”

The first female answers, “I was talking about switching up teams – for fun.”

Embarrassed, the second female concludes, “Of course! Whose turn is it anyway?”

After a moment of awkward silence, her male companion answers, “Tyler’s – apparently.”

Then the tagline appears: “You’re unfiltered when you’re hungry,” followed by the Snickers logo and one word: “Satisfied.”

This is how Snickers finds it appropriate to represent their company via television.

Snickers thinks it is clever to use a vulgar play on words in this ad. But, in reality, it is irresponsible because everyone knows children repeat what they hear.

Obviously, Snickers has crossed a line that many viewers find to be repulsive. The repetitious wordplay in this commercial is not only indecent but also in poor taste.


Please sign our petition urging Snickers to stop its inappropriate marketing campaigns immediately. Also, let Snickers know that continuing to air this offensive commercial with sexually suggestive double entendres will force you and your family to avoid this candy and all products made by Mars, Incorporated. And please share this with your friends and family.

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