Hilton Attempts to Glamorize Sin

Hilton Attempts to Glamorize Sin

Hilton is attempting to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle with its liberal advertising choices. A recent Hilton Honors commercial, “Celebrity Treatment,” focuses on several hotel guests in the lobby, including Paris Hilton and other celebrities, wearing flamboyant, pink clothing and accessories.

The hotel chain is obviously pushing the LGBTQ agenda with this commercial, which depicts individuals, couples, and families, all in obviously gender-confused roles. As such, the ad features actors portraying multiple homosexual and transgender characters. The commercial blatantly throws the LGBTQ lifestyle in the viewer’s face while also promoting the inclusivity of Hilton Honors by declaring, “When you want the celebrity treatment no matter who you are, ‘It Matters Where You Stay.’”

This ad is inappropriate on many levels and is attempting to desensitize viewers. Hilton should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of consumers while pushing away conservative customers. Obviously, Hilton is refusing to remain neutral in the culture war.

Promoting the LGBTQ agenda has nothing to do with a hotel chain’s marketing campaigns. Yet, Hilton wants to clarify its stand on this controversial topic instead of remaining neutral in the culture war. But One Million Moms continues to stand up for biblical truth, including passages such as Romans 1:26-27, which prohibits sexual perversion of this type.

One Million Moms must remain diligent. Scripture repeatedly states that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful behavior.

Of course, there is concern about how this advertisement pushes the LGBTQ agenda, but it is also of great concern that the commercial airs when children will likely be watching television.


If you agree this ad is inappropriate, sign our petition urging Hilton to pull its LGBTQ-inclusive ad immediately.

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