Drop Netflix: Animated Series Mocks Jesus

Drop Netflix: Animated Series Mocks Jesus

Season 3 of Netflix’s animated series about small-town cops, Paradise P.D., features a homicidal Jesus portrayed as a maniac. After climbing down off the cross and using two machine guns to mow down his enemies, Jesus is approached by two bikini-clad women. The three then disappear from the screen. Sensual sounds imply that sex is occurring.

Portraying Jesus on a killing spree and then partaking in a threesome is horrific and offends 2 billion Christians worldwide.

Jesus will not be mocked. One Million Moms will not stand for it.

The series also drops the f-bomb a couple times during this episode.

Netflix's conscious decision to air blasphemous content is a clear and repulsive display of corporate arrogance and shows complete contempt for the faith of Christians.


1. Sign our petition! 1MM strongly urges you to sign our petition letting Netflix know that this is the last straw and that you refuse to subscribe to its anti-Christian arrogance.

2. Drop Netflix! If you have not done so already, cancel your subscription to Netflix. After you sign our petition, you can cancel your subscription to Netflix here.

3. Forward or share this with all your family and friends. Urge them to take action and help stop Netflix's brand of anti-Christian hate.

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