Vile TV Land Program 'Teachers' Mocks Jesus

Vile TV Land Program 'Teachers' Mocks Jesus


Victory! Nature Made has responded to our concerns regarding their recent ad placement during the program "Teachers" and issued this response:

We recently received your e-mail regarding Nature Made products.  We thank you for alerting us to your concerns regarding the placement of our advertisement.

When purchasing advertising on this TV network we were not aware that our ads would run during the show Teachers nor did we intentionally sponsor this show. We have pulled all Nature Made ads from the Teachers airing time period. We hope this action will help to alleviate your concerns. Thank you for your support and commitment to Nature Made.

We thank you for contacting us.

Nature Made Consumer Affairs

Nature Made has been thanked on your behalf. No further action is needed, but you can keep their decision in mind while shopping.

You are making a HUGE difference!

Thank you (and Nature Made) for helping us fight indecency!


Original Alert:

TV Land continues to air the vile program "Teachers" on Tuesday evenings at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT with a TV-14 rating, but the previews air much earlier in the evening when children are likely watching TV. The vulgar advertisements for "Teachers" are airing during shows such as the "Andy Griffith Show" and other family-friendly programs. The previews alone are disgusting, and that is extremely disturbing since it involves a young cast. If the promos are this bad, then obviously the show is not suitable for TV.

It is almost impossible to describe the depth of depravity found in the TV Land sitcom "Teachers." Every scene is filled with s-xual innuendos, implications, or encounters.

Jesus appears in one scene when a teacher is choked by another teacher and appears to die during their women's empowerment event for teachers. He tells her to change the way she lives and brings her back to life to give her another chance. She is shocked and complains that she saw a man who told her what to do! This is a sacrilegious portrayal of Jesus, and mocks Christianity.

1MM wants to support and encourage teachers, not belittle, mock, or bring them down as TV Land is doing. Everyone knows that the entertainment industry desensitizes viewers, especially impressionable young minds.

TV Land's newest show "Teachers" is irresponsible and an insult to all teachers. The network is encouraging crude dialogue, offensive gestures at school, teachers being cruel to young children, and questioning authority.

Take Action

Please use the information we have provided to contact Nature Made and ask that they pull their financial support from "Teachers."