'Videos After Dark' is Iniquitous

'Videos After Dark' is Iniquitous

WARNING! ABC’s new show “Videos After Dark” is a spin-off of “America's Funny Videos” with AFV’s original host Bob Saget, but do not be fooled because it is not at all family friendly. The content in this program is inappropriate for children and not for family viewing and nothing like “AFV;” it is pure filth. Though this offensive program is raunchy and indecent for any age group, the special “first look” aired Tuesday, March 12 at 10:00 pm ET/9:00 pm CT when children are possibly still awake watching television, especially those out for Spring Break.

This provocative show is full of nudity that is either blurred out or Saget’s face placed strategically over the vulgar content. Sexual innuendos and suggestive dialogue are added by Saget. The curse words are bleeped, but the profanity is obvious. Why did ABC (owned by Disney) decide the network needed a dirty version of “AFV?”

This show aligns more closely with Saget’s super-filthy stand-up comedy persona than his previous roles on “AFV” and “Full House.” On the set there’s a neon picture of Saget and the all-adult audience gathered around tables like they are in a lounge.

Offensive content in the program include:

  • A woman playing a keyboard with her boobs.
  • A girl diving bottomless onto a slab of ice.
  • Kids saying “bagina” instead of “lasagna.”
  • Drunk people falling down because they try to use lamps as stripper poles.
  • A toddler who kept saying “f-ck” when her grandfather wanted her to say “yuck” (bleeped-out, of course) over and over.
  • Two Eastern European men who tase themselves for fun.
  • A video of a baby eating a brownie out of a diaper. (The mom is trying to trick the dad into thinking the child is eating poop.
  • A couple doing a naked relay race down a hotel hallway (with certain parts blurred, of course).

Please help pull the plug on this disgusting show.


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