Urge Yum! Brands to Pull Sponsorship from 'The Mick'

Urge Yum! Brands to Pull Sponsorship from 'The Mick'


YUM! Brands (the parent company of KFC and Taco Bell) and Subway were absent from the season finale. This was immediately after our campaign to urge YUM! Brands and Subway to no longer financially support this inappropriate program.

Many of the ads on the last episode were for third-rate sponsors that do not pay the network's full rate for advertisements. This is positive proof that we can encourage corporations to redirect their advertising dollars from TV programs that are harmful to children, and send a loud message to the broadcast networks that we will not accept adult-themed content that targets our children.

Keep up the great work! With God's help, we are making a difference!

Original Alert:

Fox's newest "comedy" series "The Mick" is one of the worst shows 1MM has seen, and that is saying a lot. This week’s episode of “The Mick” centered on a teenage child, 17-year-old Sabrina, and her desire to get bre-st implants. The minor tells her guardian that “…you're working the room like you're mayor of t-t town.” Not only was an indecent word used in a s-xual context, but the dialogue was delivered by a minor. Furthermore, the entire episode included graphic s-xual dialogue and double entendres, yet it was rated by Fox as appropriate for viewing by children as young as 14-years-old. 

The following are just a few of the several scenes/segments containing s-xual dialogue from “The Mick”:

Mickey: "You're not getting a bo-b job."

Sabrina: “My mom bought them for me. They're my 18th birthday present.”

Mickey: “Well, you’re 17.”                                              

Sabrina: “I’m going to hit the ground running.”

Dr. Goodby: "Right, bre-st implants. Well all you have to do is choose a size."

Sabrina: "Well, what would you recommend? I don't want to go freakish with it. I just want to look more mature. Then again the last thing I want is to think I didn't go big enough. How do you think a D would look?"

Mickey: "Like a broom with cantaloupe taped on to it."

Mickey: "What do you say; want to walk a mile in these bo-bs?"

Sabrina: “Yeah maybe it's because you're working the room like you're mayor of t-t town.”

Mickey: “You wanna pop 'em on? This is gonna be you from now on.”

Sabrina: “No mine will be attached to my body, not Frankensteined into my bra.”

Mickey: “I'm just gonna hang back here and have humongous bo-bs.”

Mickey: “One thing I'm noticing, all the women hate me. You picking up on that?”

Sabrina: “Yeah, I am, it's because you're eye-banging their husbands.”

Mickey: “No, I'm not. That's what’s bugging me. I'm trying to eye-bang their husbands but I can't seem to make eye contact with any of them. Too busy staring at my tig old bittys.”

Sabrina: “Just give me the bo-bs.”

Waitress: “And she had these huge crazy fake bo-bs.”

Mickey: “Give me the bo-bs.”

Sabrina: “What? Why?”

Mickey: “Because I feel more confident with them, alright.”

Sabrina: “You love 'em.”

"The Mick" is grotesquely irresponsible. The victims of this outrageous program are the young cast members, not to mention any children who view the show. The s-xualization and moral corruption of these children is child abuse and child exploitation at its worst.


Please use the information we have provided on our website to contact KFC and Taco Bell (both owned by Yum! Brands) and ask that they pull their financial support from "The Mick.”

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