Urge Cascade to Clean Up Its Commercial

Urge Cascade to Clean Up Its Commercial

Cascade is currently airing its sexually suggestive “Do It Every Night” television commercial during prime time.

“We do it every night,” an elderly couple tells the viewing audience.

“Every night,” a middle-aged couple adds.

“I live alone, but I still do it every night,” a young, single woman says with a smirk.

Then the two couples continue: “Right after dinner,” and “Definitely after meatloaf.”

“Like clockwork,” the elderly man says with a big smile.

The commercial concludes with this voice-over:

“Do it! Run your dishwasher every night with Cascade Platinum. A load with as few as eight dishes is all it takes to save water. An Energy Star Certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle, while a running sink uses that every two minutes. So, do it. Run your dishwasher every night with Cascade Platinum. The surprising way to save water.”

This vile commercial is airing during prime time when children are likely watching TV. When this type of commercial airs, it ruins family viewing time. Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a child when he sees this ad?

Cascade chose to air this commercial, knowing it would be controversial. We all know children repeat what they hear. There is nothing funny about kids saying, “We do it every night!” Cascade should be ashamed!

Cascade may push away customers if it continues advertising in a repulsive manner that offends parents. Cascade needs to know that parents do not approve of its advertising tactic!

If you are as passionate as One Million Moms is about removing this offensive commercial, please share with your family and friends.


If you agree this ad is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Cascade to pull its “Do It Every Night” commercial immediately.

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