'The Hunt' gets new release date

'The Hunt' gets new release date

Last fall, public outcry from One Million Moms supporters and other concerned Americans resulted in the cancellation of a despicable movie titled The Hunt in which elite vacationers hunt “deplorables” for sport. But the decision to cancel the film’s release was only temporary.

Universal Studios recently announced that The Hunt will release in 3,000 theaters nationwide Friday, March 13, 2020. Therefore, 1MM is once again doing all it can to prevent the release of this violent film with a new petition to Universal Studios.

By choosing to make and now release The Hunt, Universal Studios is taking murder lightly and making the intentional taking of human life a game. The movie with its “humans hunting humans for sport” storyline is graphic and extremely violent. The Hollywood Reporter (THR) describes the “satirical thriller” like this:

Directed by Craig Zobel, The Hunt casts Hilary Swank as the ringleader of a gang of wealthy snobs who try to wipe out a group of assorted individuals who have posted right-wing views online. Though the "elites" supply their prey with guns, the playing field is not level. But one woman, played by Betty Gilpin, turns the tables on the killers.

In short, the liberal elites kidnap the conservatives, who wake up in the clearing of a resort and quickly realize they are being hunted like wild animals.

According to THR, characters in the film refer to the victims as “deplorables,” which is what Hillary Clinton famously dubbed Trump supporters during the 2016 election. THR also reported that one character uses an expletive in reference to the president: "Did anyone see what our ratf--ker-in-chief just did?" Then another character responds: "At least the hunt's coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables."

Supposedly although not confirmed, the movie was originally titled Red State vs. Blue State.

You can watch the movie trailer here, but be warned, it is extremely graphic.

Political satirist Tim Young told FoxNews, The Hunt goes over the line.

“Why would anyone think it's a great idea to have a movie about hunting down someone who doesn't agree with them politically? It's remarkable to me that the Left blames Donald Trump's rhetoric for violence, then literally spends millions to normalize the killing of people based on politics,” Young said.

“We're told over and over again by the Left, especially in Hollywood, that this country is more divided than ever, and we need to come together. … Is this what they mean by it? Come together to murder your neighbors that you don't agree with? This film is sick and shows just how hateful the Left has become,” he added.

This concept of Americans hunting and killing other Americans is not something our country wants to see right now or ever. It would be completely insensitive of Universal Studios to release this movie that glamorizes the killing of Trump supporters.

Once again, help convince Universal Studios to not release The Hunt – not now, not ever.


Sign our petition to Universal Studios now, urging it to cancel the release of this grotesque promotion of murder as a sport.

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