Teen Vogue is Giving Life and Death Advice to Children

Teen Vogue is Giving Life and Death Advice to Children

Teen Vogue magazine and website have always been liberal and extremely graphic and don’t forget deceptive with their articles regarding mature content. 1MM wants to give mothers a head’s up since teenvogue.com is one website you will want to block with your online filter on your family’s home computers and mobile devices if you do not already.

The most shocking is the content regarding abortion since it is untrue, unsafe, and dangerous. Teen Vogue has published: “Abortion Can Be Funny,” a ghastly article suggesting killing babies is comedy; “How You Can Fight Back Against Abortion Bans;” “I Know the Truth About Later Abortion Because I Had One;” “These Are the Abortion Myths You Shouldn’t Believe;” and most recently “How to Get an Abortion If You Don’t Want to Tell Your Parents.”

The latter of these articles, is instructing a 16-year old girl how to bypass state laws to receive an abortion. The harmful advice is published in a column by Nona Willis Aronowitz in which she responded to a letter from a reader about obtaining an abortion.

In the letter, the reader asks Aronowitz how she can get an abortion without telling her pro-life parents. 

“It’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth,” Aronowitz said twisting different types of maturity.

Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs,” she added, even though she acknowledged that this might be against the law in some states. She added that if the teen did not live in a state that allowed her to get an abortion without parental consent, then she should consider telling her parents.

Aronowitz then added that maybe the teen’s parents would be open to it, because pro-life parents are often only pro-life when their own kid is not involved. “One thing I’ve learned while researching and reporting on these issues is that supposedly anti-abortion Americans often get abortions,” she wrote. “They often help their child procure abortions. You know those activists who stand outside clinics holding signs adorned with Bible verses and pictures of fetuses? Even they sometimes get abortions.” 

If she thought that her parents would be angry, possibly reacting with violence or by kicking her out of their home, then she should consider a “judicial bypass procedure,” which is “a legal option in 36 states that would let you get an abortion without parental approval.”

Attempting to normalize the procedure, she concluded her advice column by telling the 16-year-old that one in four women have an abortion, so it is normal to do so.

According to Newsbusters, in the first two months of 2017, Teen Vogue published 63 articles promoting abortion.

These lies are harmful to the baby and mother’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. God forgives those that ask for forgiveness, but nonetheless, Teen Vogue is encouraging teens to make decisions that would still cause heartache, regret, grief, anguish, and death.

Instead of providing links for local abortion funds to help pay for abortions and a pro-abortion legal advice group to help kill the baby, Teen Vogue should provide links to crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies if they truly wanted to help the mother and child.

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