New Thinx Commercial Proposes MENstruation

New Thinx Commercial Proposes MENstruation
Just when you think you have seen it all, Thinx, a company that sells period-proof absorbent underwear, launches its new ad campaign titled MENstruation. In an attempt to make everyone, especially men, more comfortable talking about a woman’s menstrual cycle, the campaign poses the question: What if we all had periods?

The concept is absurd and the commercial that is currently airing on 18 networks across the U.S. is offensive in its content and in the way that it ignores very definitive gender lines.

The commercial begins with a tween boy sitting in the bathroom before going to tell his dad that he has started his period. His dad later assures him that it just means he is growing up. If that isn’t twisted enough, the commercial also includes a man checking the back of his pants for a blood stain in a bathroom mirror, another man fighting with an empty sanitary pad dispenser, a man borrowing a tampon from another man, men passing a tampon between adjacent bathroom stalls, and a teenage boy being assisted by a girl after dropping menstrual pads from his locker.

The ad becomes even more crass by including a scene where a man is shown spotting in bed while asleep, and another scene in which a man is walking around a locker room in only his underwear with a tampon string hanging out. The commercial concludes with a heterosexual couple making out and assuring each other that it is ok for them to be intimate since they are both on their periods at the same time.

Then the following tagline appears across the screen: “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.”

Society does not need Thinx to normalize periods between genders by airing a commercial with such crudeness and sensationalism.

It’s bizarre and confusing, and its damaging to young people who are already navigating the uncertainties of puberty amidst the constant push of liberal agendas.

This commercial is insane. Women and men are different. Men do not menstruate … ever. Period.

While some major networks initially refused to air the ad unless Thinx removed the scene with the exposed tampon string, the commercial is currently airing on Bravo, E!, Oxygen, BET, MTV, VH1, HGTV, the Food Network, TLC, and NBC, among other networks. The original ad in its entirety is on YouTube with the hashtag #IfWeAllHadPeriods, but Thinx has turned off the comments feature so viewers cannot leave their opinions.



If you agree this commercial is inappropriate and insane, please sign our petition urging Thinx to pull its “MENstruation” ad immediately.

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