Netflix Is Finally Listening to Concerned Parents!

Netflix Is Finally Listening to Concerned Parents!

More than two years after its debut, a graphic suicide scene has been cut from the first season of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix announced Monday.

One Million Moms applauds Netflix for its announcement that it will edit out the graphic suicide scene of its lead female teen character in 13 Reasons Why. It is about time! The show has been a source of controversy since it premiered in 2017.

1MM has repeatedly urged Netflix to remove 13 Reasons Why from its lineup. 1MM petitioned and wrote to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings several times to request that the company pull 13 Reasons Why from the platform in light of the increase in suicides among children ages 10-17. 1MM urged Netflix to remove season 1 and cancel plans to air season 2, but the company responded by announcing a season 3 ahead of its shareholder meeting. CEO Reed Hastings originally responded to our concern with a “Don’t like it? Don’t watch it” attitude. “It is controversial,” Hastings acknowledged. “But nobody has to watch it.”

One step at a time! While there is still much to object to in this series, editing out the suicide scene is certainly better than nothing! 1MM is thankful to know that Netflix is finally beginning to listen. We can continue to pray that Reed Hastings’ heart will be softened, and that Netflix will continue to have listening ears! 

Netflix has finally acknowledged the harmful impact that explicit content, such as the graphic suicide scene in 13 Reasons Why, is capable of inflicting on children. While we commend Netflix for making this responsible decision, 1MM urges Netflix to do more to protect children from harmful content.

Netflix is clearly at a critical moment. 13 Reasons Why’s graphic suicide isn’t the only damaging and inappropriate scene in the series. 1MM will keep the pressure on Netflix to cut the entire series by removing all seasons and cancel their plans to air season 3 later this year.

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