Netflix Ignores Backlash, Still Plans to Release 'Cuties'

Netflix Ignores Backlash, Still Plans to Release 'Cuties'

Netflix recently announced its upcoming release of the French film titled Cuties, also known by its French title, Mignonnes. The film centers around an 11-year-old Muslim girl who joins a twerking dance team, while deceiving her family by lying, stealing, and sneaking around. A TV-MA rated movie should never cast young preteens in it.

Immediately, Netflix received blowback from mothers slamming Cuties for "sexualizing" little girls and showing "children dressed provocatively, dancing sexually." To appease the naysayers, Netflix pulled back and changed "twerking" to "free-spirited."

However, Netflix chose to promote the film with a very sexualized movie poster featuring young girls wearing scantily-clad dance uniforms while posing in sexually provocative positions. (Please note, the image you see is an edited version because 1MM did not want to exploit the girls even more.) After a backlash over the controversial poster, Netflix issued an empty apology and removed the inappropriate image from its marketing campaign. Besides making excuses, this is the only action Netflix has taken to right its wrong.

Thus far, the streaming giant has not canceled the film and still plans to release it in the U.S. on September 9. During a recent press conference, Netflix attempted to convince the movie’s audience to overlook the film with positive eyesight and enjoy it.

How could anyone but a pedophile enjoy this film?

We realize that less than half of One Million Moms’ supporters subscribe to Netflix. However, we still want to warn parents and encourage you to speak out against the forthcoming release of Cuties that glorifies the sexualization of children.

Netflix knows exactly what it is doing! This is the same production company and streaming service that gave the world the 13 Reasons Why series, which glorified sex, violence, and suicide. Netflix now wants to promote its sickening agenda to exploit little girls!

Netflix must know that this kind of film has no socially redeeming value and will only serve the dark, depraved minds of pedophiles and child molesters.

We must fight back! Apparently, Netflix has not gotten the message that this is unacceptable entertainment.

When enough Christians get involved, changes happen. That's why we need you to take a stand and let Netflix know that using children to promote filth and depravity is too much.

Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to defend their innocence. If we don’t speak out on their behalf now, their future is in grave danger from companies like Netflix.

Please sign our petition today! This film should not be released September 9. Help us convince Netflix to cancel the release of Cuties – now and forever.

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