National Geographic attacks most vulnerable

National Geographic attacks most vulnerable

Last week, National Geographic announced their January edition would feature a nine year old boy who wants to be perceived as a girl. The magazine’s editor wrote, "She has lived as an openly transgender girl since age 5, and she captured the complexity of the conversation around gender. Today, we're not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we're talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum."

Advocates for sexual confusion have quickly moved from using adults to promote their agenda to exploiting children as the face of their cause.

Susan Goldberg, the National Geographic editor, should be ashamed of herself for using a young child in such an abusive manner. The overwhelming majority of doctors and psychiatrists label what this child is going through as "gender dysphoria" and National Geographic is praising it as "beautiful."

Studies show that roughly 40% of those who identify as transgender end up attempting suicide. Is this a lifestyle that should be praised?

From the beginning of mankind there have been two sexes: male and female. Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them."

National Geographic is the latest print media company to abandon what it does best to force a lifestyle in the American public that the medical community identifies as unhealthy. Imagine the pain and psychological trauma gender dysphoria causes children and adults. Rather than abandoning geography to shame Americans into embracing such a lifestyle, they should be helping individuals who struggle with this disorder. That is, helping confused individuals accept their wonderfully crafted and God-given biology.

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