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On occasion, a company shows its commitment to faith and family values in such a way, it deserves to be thanked.

Dodge is such a company. Let's show our gratitude by sending a thank you email to a company who not only kept their newest ad clean and family-friendly, but also mentioned God numerous times. It stands out because of the touching, positive message. Their powerful commercial which aired during the Super Bowl was a tribute to farmers across the country. It began, "So God made a farmer," and focused on the farmer's work ethic, faith, and family. It aired a family praying together and working hard together.

The Dodge Ram brand declares 2013 the Year of the Farmer. This movement is encouraging you to join them to help raise $1 million to support Future Farmers of America and assist in local hunger and educational programs. You can find out more at Dodge's website.

A farmer's work is not for the weak. My grandfather was a farmer before he went to be with the Lord. He was a Godly man with a huge heart. His passions were Jesus, family, and farming in that order. He enjoyed the outdoors, an honest day's work, and was never materialistic. Agriculture is what he chose to study in college to do what he loved. He never really retired, just slowed down a little. He couldn't imagine his life any other way. I remember he was tough but still compassionate. I witnessed personally his faith, but also his struggles as a farmer. My father told me stories about how early they would rise to get everything done. The entire farm family is dedicated and devoted. Dodge's tribute to farmers is well deserved and long overdue.

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Please take a moment to let Dodge (owned by Chrysler Group LLC) know how much you appreciate their company's bold stand and for openly sharing faith while honoring farmers during this year's Super Bowl commercial.


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