Ruby Tuesday's Disturbing New Ad


Ruby Tuesday's new pretzel burger "Fun Between the Buns" ad campaign is tasteless, blurring everything in the middle of the burger similar to an advertisement that reveals inappropriate images. Ruby Tuesday is replicating a form of media that is gaining popularity and intended to be naughty but should be avoided if a company is concerned with its reputation.

The only question is which is worse, the slogan "Fun Between the Buns" or the graphic that is included with it? Parents do not want their children repeating the slogan, and the graphic is equally disturbing because it is symbolizing nudity. Everything between the top and bottom hamburger buns is pixelated, including condiments, meat, cheese and other toppings. This should only be done when trying to protect someone's privacy and should not be tolerated when unnecessary in any other form of media.

Marketing campaigns using sexual innuendos are never appropriate, especially when advertising food for a family restaurant. Offensive ads cause parents to lose their appetites and their respect for a company.

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