Foul Language on 'The Biggest Loser'


NBC's "Biggest Loser" is back with a twist. The program, now called "The New Biggest Loser Challenge America," airs on Monday evenings at 8:00/7:00 CT with Season 14's focus on childhood obesity. This season includes three children from thirteen to sixteen-years-old ambassadors that are competing. Viewers welcomed this addition to the show, but the excitement is extinguished almost immediately once the vulgarity and obscenities from trainer, Jillian Michaels, ignite and continue through the entire show.

This week's episode has many parents pretty fired up! NBC has the audacity to say that the show is perfectly suitable for family viewing. However, while trainers need to motivate and can be tough, Jillian needs to tone it down. Way down.

At one point the children are outside the gym with trainer Dolvett Quince, and Jillian is screaming obscenities so loud in the gym that they can hear them outside. The network failed to bleep out this foul language and other choice words the trainer used during the entire program. What a disgrace! The idea of profanity being used is unacceptable and unnecessary. NBC and "The Biggest Loser" should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of conduct.

This show has some excellent qualities, but Jillian's profanity and conduct is ruining it. Other trainers are able to do their job without using this type of language.

Keep in mind that broadcast television requires a license to use the airwaves that you own! NBC is aware that formal complaints to the FCC could jeopardize the network's affiliates broadcast licenses. Let's remind them by giving them fair warning.


Please send an email letter to NBC asking that they take appropriate measures to insure that the program is suitable for family viewing during primetime and also an encouraging environment for all contestants, especially for the children participating in the show. Also, let the network know that if the offensive language continues, then we are prepared to file a formal complaint with the FCC and/or contact sponsors if necessary.

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