File an FCC Complaint: 'F-Word' Aired During Super Bowl Broadcast


Together we will hold CBS accountable for airing profanity in front of children and families! The network did not keep their promise that the Super Bowl broadcast would be safe for children and families. CBS aired an unedited "F-bomb" during the Super Bowl broadcast in front of an estimated audience of 108 million Americans - including tens of millions of children and families.

CBS is to blame for not taking precautions against broadcasting it into every home in the country. The network has violated the law and shows no remorse. CBS has had ample time to apologize but has chosen not to. No apology for their error shows lack of responsibility and zero regret.

CBS should have been on their toes, especially with their history of slip-ups similar to this, and better prepared during a world championship victory celebration. The network should not be surprised that the winning Baltimore Ravens quarterback and MVP Joe Flacco might make a slip of the tongue at that emotional and exhilarating moment.

It's simple enough for the networks to have a seven-second delay during live interviews with players like it did with other parts of the broadcast, but CBS didn't even bother! And the network's executives won't even apologize! The lack of concern shows they will likely do this again unless we put a stop to it. If we do not say anything, foul language will routinely appear once every game, then twice every game, and could spiral out of control unless we do something now.

This accidental mishap has happened again and again and again, both during sporting events and live talk shows. Every time, the networks promise they will be more careful, and it will never happen again. And every time, it does. The more it happens, the more desensitized everyone becomes. No one wants their children or grandchildren to pick up this type of language.

By taking action today, you can ensure the FCC does its job in enforcing the law and holding the networks accountable for their actions. Let's make sure the billion-dollar broadcast industry takes its obligations to the public seriously.

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